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Start your journey into trading the safe way with MBA Technical Analysis Course. Here you will learn the fundamental building blocks that has seen MBA Trading Academy teach 1000's of members how to safely navigate the crypto markets. 

Our Technical Analysis course will show you how to setup and secure your digital wallets, purchase your first bit of crypto, navigate tradingview and thats even before we start with the technical aspects. From that we will build a strong foundation. Starting from the basics with support and resistance, using that as building blocks as you navigate each module and add to the previous lessons. Teaching you everything you will need to start trading including fibonacci, continuation and reversal patterns, entries and exits, risk management, elliot waves, how to build your trade plan and much more. To ensure you are well equiped to then start placing your trades our team has also build out comprehensive walkthroughs of how to use multiple exchanges from bitmex, binance, okex and FTX. If you are serious about getting started in this space and maximising the potential then this course is perfect to help you in that journey. 

Hosted live by our coaches the sessions will run on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 6:00pm AEST. A copy of our course will also be made available to you so that you can watch and rewatch the content as many times as you need

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